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Living In Tallahassee

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  • Local Businesses in the Tallahassee Area

    We are asked all the time if we can recommend a local business. There are many hard-working “good guys” locally who would really appreciate your business. Most people want to support local small businesses.

    We are often asked for recommendations for assorted services and businesses in the Tallahassee area.  We’ve created this ‘Good Guys’ page to provide some information and recommendations.  We are going to start with the businesses we use most in the real estate world.

    These businesses are locally owned and can include some local owned franchisees.  These are businesses we have used and have been pleased with their customer service.  If you have others you have used and recommended, we are always happy to add them to our Good Guys List.  If you are working with us, or plan to, do not feel pressured to only use these guys.  These are just recommendations and you can use whoever you want (& is appropriately licensed and insured).  No matter what, you should do business with those you trust to do right by you.

    Download our complete list here: Flynn Vendor list 2020

    Check back, we will be adding additional businesses as we grow!


    Choosing a lender is a crucial step when buying a home. If you do not get it right, you may lose a lot of time AND money. Some lenders spend a small fortune advertising to you, and you will see them over and over again through this process.  They will pop up on Facebook and anytime you Google something. Yes, they are cyber-stalking you.  Just because they spend thousands to get in front of you, does not mean that they are qualified to get you to the closing table with the least amount of hassle.  I have worked with most of those big online mortgage companies, and the trouble they run into is that they do not know Tallahassee real estate. What they do not know can cost you time and money.  One of those big guys I have worked with has required me to asked the seller for an extension six times with the past seven customers that choose them.  Guess what?  The seller does NOT have to grant an extension because of the lender issue.  They can say no, pocket your deposit money, and go back to the market and find a different buyer. It is too important of an investment to leave it to someone you cannot trust.

    Below are some of my favorite lenders in Tallahassee. This does not include all the great lenders in Tallahassee, so if your favorite lender is not on here – feel free to recommend them to me!

    Some information on lenders – it is in your benefit to shop your mortgage around.  There are federal lending rules and sometimes banks add their own rules on top of those rules (called overlays).  Since the rules can be different from bank to bank, you can find that some banks have options that other banks do not (for example, some lenders do not have renovation loans, construction loans, mobile home loans, in-house financing, etc.).

    I recommend that you talk to at least two to three lenders about purchasing a home and evaluate what they are offering you.

    Michael Forslund

    Michael has become my go-to mortgage guy when I have questions about financing.  We have closed a lot of mortgages together and not once have we had to have an extension because the lender missed something.  He may ask more questions than the average lender, especially up front, but when he gives you a letter, I am confident we are going to closing.

    Mortgage Advisor

    Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

    NMLS# 659608

    Mobile: 850-980-4400

    Office: 850-724-1070

    4832 Kerry Forest Parkway, Ste A

    Tallahassee, FL 32309


    Michael’s Bio:

    Michael Forslund has been in the mortgage industry since 1995. He graduated from Florida State University and began his mortgage banking career in Atlanta, Ga. In 1998 he moved to Tallahassee where he lives with his wife and two beautiful daughters. Michael loves college football and traveling with his family.

    With over 25 years in the industry, Michael has the experience in helping his customers achieve the dream of homeownership with the speed and service they deserve. His team has perfected the mortgage process to make it simple and easy from application to closing and beyond. He works jointly with his realty partners and referral sources, who entrust he and his team with assisting their customers in the home buying process. Michael enjoys attending all his closings to congratulate the new homeowners.

    You can read more about Michael here:

    Dana Cummins

    Dana is one of the nicest loan officers I have ever met.  Besides being super nice and very professional, Dana knows her stuff and if there is a way to get you to the closing table, she will find it.  We have found her incredibly trustworthy and she really cares about her customers!

    Dana Cummins

    Senior Loan Officer

    Movement Mortgage

    NMLS 414502

    Off: (850)359-1940


    (She says cell is best 850-264-5407)

    6265 Old Water Oak Road

    Suite 204

    Tallahassee, FL 32312

    Dana’s bio:

    I have been in the mortgage industry since 1995, fulfilling many roles. I have been a processor, a team leader and finally became a mortgage loan officer in 2007.

    I have been involved with MBA in Tallahassee for many years, recently serving as president for 2012/2013. I was also a Director for Mortgage Bankers Association of Florida. I was recently elected affiliate director for Tallahassee Board of realtors and named “Affiliate of the Year” for 2018. I am also a member of the “biz to biz” chapter BNI Northwest Florida and 2019/2020 Treasurer for Women’s Council of Realtors in Tallahassee.

    My vision is to be the best home lender, guided by integrity, fairness, and a caring enthusiasm.

    You can read more about Dana here:


    Home Inspectors:

    Most home inspectors are not also licensed as pest control and therefore can not complete a termite report.  If you are looking for a wood destroying organism report – look below for recommendations.  These inspectors below do have the ability to perform radon tests, in addition to the home inspection.


    Tallahassee Home Inspections

    Chris Durfee, owner, inspector, and veteran.  Chris is one of the easiest guys to work with and he has a big heart and an eye for detail.  He will work weekends by appointment.

    Phone:  850-443-0785



    Certified Inspections

    Michael Fleming, owner, inspector, etc. Michael must have more certifications and education in the construction trades than anyone else I have met in Tallahassee.  He is also a general contractor and can provide proposals or quotes for repairs and remodeling.  His webpage has a ton of information too!

    Phone:  850-562-4010 (Candice usually answers the phone.)



    Orange Inspections

    Luis del Castillo, owner, and inspector.  Luis is one of the sweetest guys in the business.  He is highly knowledgeable, and he can go where other inspectors cannot.  (Sorry Luis – but you do call yourself the guy who can fit anywhere.)  It is always a pleasure to work with Luis.

    Phone:  850-730-0351



    ACL (A Closer Look) Home Inspections, LLC

    Joel Hagans, owner and inspector.  Great guy and he’s very active on Facebook.  He answers all kinds of questions and sometimes posts things that make me shake my head. He is also able to perform pool and spa inspections.

    Phone: 805-312-8919



    Homeowners Insurance Agents

    McGinniss Himmel Insurance Agency

    2120 Killarney Way, Tallahassee, FL  32309

    Office: 850-329-6996




    Ian Clark

    McKee Insurance Agency

    3512 Maclay Blvd S, Tallahassee, FL 32312

    Office: (850) 224-6055




    Wally Woodham,  Agency Principal

    Woodham Insurance

    1535 Killearn Center Boulevard | Suite C-6, Tallahassee, Florida   32309

    Office: (850) 597-9503




    AD Platt and Associates, Inc.

    Contact:  Alan Platt

    Phone:   850- 385-1036 or Alan’s cell: 850- 694-3712



    Gary Allen Land Surveying

    Contact:  Gary Allen

    Phone:  850- 877-0541



    Delta Land Surveyors

    Contact:  Randy Rowell (or anyone who answers, they are a family-run business!)

    Phone:  850-997-0301


    They are on Facebook here:


    Timberlane Appraisal Associates

    Contact:  Greg Lane or Kim Gassett

    Phone:  850-894-2500



    J.D. Salley & Associates

    Contact: Joel Salley or Dana Salley

    Phone:  850-222-7169



    Poppell Appraisal Firm

    Contact: Skip Poppell

    Phone:  850-894-4004

    Credit Repair

    Most of the things a credit repair service will do for you, can be done by you if you have the time to research the subject.

    The Credit RX

    Contact:  Jackie Calloway

    Phone:  850-298-8904



    Good Line Credit Service

    Contact:  Janae Watson

    Phone:  229-421-6261


    Facebook page:


    McNeill Septic

    Owner:  Michael McNeill

    Phone: 850-877-1139


    Billy Simmons Backhoe, Hauling, Septic

    Owner: Billy Simmons

    Phone:  850-509-1465

    Apalachee Backhoe & Septic

    Owner: Michael Sundin

    Phone:  850-901-9772




    WDO – Pest Control – Termite Inspectors

    WDO stands for Wood Destroying Organism and this is report is sometimes needed for some loan types.  If you want your potential home checked for termites and other pests, most pest control companies can provide the WDO report per the Department of Agriculture rules and specifications.

    Paul’s Termite & Pest Control

    Phone: 850- 222-6808



    Panhandle Pest Control Inc.

    Phone:  850- 593-6912



    Mike’s Pest Solutions, LLC

    Phone:  850-228-5411



    Water Testing

    The local Department of Health can also perform water testing for a small fee.  If you need a sample collected and tested for a mortgage, these companies can meet the VA requirements.

    Ackuritlabs & Aqua Systems of Tallahassee

    Phone:  850-562-7751



    McGlynn Laboratories, Inc.

    Phone:  850-570-1476




    Stewart Heating and Cooling

    Owner:  Stewart Dalzell

    Phone:  850-342-3294



    Donny’s Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc

    Phone:  850-942-4349




    White’s Plumbing

    Phone:  850-576-3510



    Keith Lawson Services LLC

    Phone:  850- 562-2600




    Meeks Electrical Services

    Phone:  850-575-3201



    Lawson & Lawson Electrical Services

    Phone:  850-562-4111



    Albritton Electrical Service, Inc.

    Phone:  850-562-1193




    Arnold’s Roofing Enterprises Inc.

    Phone:  850-942-9042



    Dave’s Roofing LLC

    Phone:  850- 445-7025



    Stubbs Roofing & Gutter Company

    Phone:  850-597-8866



    Ace Handyman Services (Tallahassee)

    Phone:  850-901-9500



    ProStar Pressure Wash & Handyman Services LLC

    Phone:  850- 980-6850



    Capital City Handyman, LLC

    Phone:  850-895-1432


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