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    Can you back out of selling your house? A Tallahassee Realtor Answer

    By March 17, 2022March 25th, 2022No Comments

    Again, with the most hated answer in the world! It depends.

    If you have started down the path of selling your house, you may have already signed a contract obligating you to certain actions. Depending on the contract language, you may NOT be able to back out of selling your house at all and you could be forced to vacate and move.

    First, if you have signed a listing agreement, the contract will have a termination clause to address how it ends. Some brokers require that you compensate them for any out-of-pocket marketing costs to advertise your home in the MLS. This could include photos or staging if your #TallahasseeRealtor has already paid for these items. These are terms you will negotiate when you sign the listing agreement. Please read it carefully and consult an attorney if any of the terms and conditions are unclear.

    Second, if you have signed a contract with a buyer, there it is less likely that you will be able to terminate the contract and keep your house without consequences. The language in that contract will determine what those conditions are going to be and when. From what lawyers have told me, most Florida contracts have language that can force the seller to sell, but not force the buyer to buy. That is a scary situation for a seller to be in if they are not ready to sell.

    In my #realtor experience, if something tragic or unforeseen happens in a seller’s life, buyers are pretty understanding. However, if the seller just ‘changes their minds’ the buyer is less likely to allow the seller off the hook. That can make terminating a contract an expensive proposition for sellers who are not sure they are ready to sell.


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