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Is Tallahassee Safe?


Tallahassee is a college town nestled in the Big Bend area of Florida. The major career industries include education and public administration. Tallahassee has the lowest median age of the ten largest cities in Florida. It is also the least densely populated city in the state and has one of the shortest commutes. Leon County has one of the highest percentages of professional and graduate-degrees in Florida.

This page covers the whole of Tallahassee.  Each zip codes has its own page and free reports you can download.  The reports will give you lots of information about who lives and what life is like in each zip code.


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Pros & Cons of Living In Tallahassee?

Population Statistics – Who Lives in Tallahassee

The 2020 population in Tallahassee’s is estimated at 288,000 (or 432 people per square mile). Tallahassee has grown 6.8% since 2010. Leon County has grown 6.8% and Florida 13% in the same decade.

The median age for Tallahassee is 27, Leon County it is 31 years old. The median age for Florida is 42, while for the United States the median age is 38 years old.

The median income for Tallahassee is $26,787, and is lower than the median income for Leon County at $29,754. The median income for Florida is $30,197 and the for the United States is $32,621.


What are the Primary Occupations of Those Who Live In Tallahassee?

About 23% of the population living in Tallahassee has a graduate or professional degree beyond their college education. This is the highest percentage of any of the biggest Florida cities. In Florida, this population is approximately 10.6% and is 12.1% of the USA population. In the 2012 presidential election, 61.3% of the population voted for the Democrat Presidential Candidate. The biggest occupational categories of employment in the Tallahassee area are education and public administration. These categories are followed by health care and social assistance, accommodation and food, and retail trade.

Is Tallahassee a Safe Place to Live?

Yes. Although it appears that Tallahassee’s crime rate is one of the highest in the state, much of the crime happens near the universities. While the Tallahassee population swells with the influx of tens of thousands of students, these students do not count in our population’s statistics. Making our rate higher than it would be if the students were counted in the population numbers. This population is also most likely to be victimized and participate in a crime.

Tallahassee has MANY law enforcement agencies in the area and with more agencies and certified law enforcement officers, there will be more arrests than expected for our population size. These arrests are counted in crime statistics (depending on the source) and may make Tallahassee look much more dangerous than it is. Some agencies are location-specific and are limited in their jurisdictions, but all can investigate crimes and make arrests. Some of the law enforcement agencies in Tallahassee include Tallahassee Police Department, Leon County Sheriff’s Office, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Florida State Highway Patrol, Florida State University Police Department, FAMU Police Department, Florida’s Fish & Wildlife Commission, Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco, and the Capitol Police. There are also many offices for federal law enforcement as well in Tallahassee -including the Marshall’s Office and the FBI.

There were 28 murders in 2020 in Leon County, up from 21 in 2019 following a national trend. Tallahassee Police Chief Revell says that 10 of those murders in 2020 involved Gadsden county residents. Check out this article in the local news: click here

Even though the pandemic brought higher murder rates, the rates and numbers of rapes and robberies have dropped in Tallahassee and nationwide by double digits. Tallahassee does have an online crime map. If you are considering a move in Tallahassee, check out your new address and the surrounding area here: click here

You can check whether any sex offenders have registered to live nearby here: click here

There were 1,805 violent crimes reported on the Uniform Crime Report for Leon County. That gives a violent crime offense rate of 603 per 100,000. This is one of the higher rates in the state. The rate in Miami Dade is higher at 476, Hillsborough’s (Tampa) rate is 290. Duval County’s (Jacksonville) violent crime offense rate is higher at 678.

Tallahassee has several Facebook and Reddit groups dedicated to Tallahassee, neighborhoods, and subdivisions. When considering a new neighborhood, reach out to these groups to ask for neighborhood reviews.

School grades

The charts below do not include every single school but does include the most common for space reasons. Check what schools your potential residence is zoned for here: Leon County School Zones

Elementary Schools

Buck Lake, DeSoto Trail, Gilchrist, Hawks Rise, and Killearn Lakes Elementary Schools are the highest performing schools according to the data compiled by Niche incorporated into the chart below.


The best performing middle schools include Deerlake, Swift Creek, and Montford.


The middle schools zoned for the 32317 zip code are mostly for Fairview, Griffin, Swift Creek, Montford.

The best performing public High Schools in Tallahassee include: Lincoln, Leon, and Chiles.


Tallahassee also has a handful of private, charter, and non-traditional schools that performed well on the ratings compiled Niche.


Real Estate Characteristics Across Tallahassee’s Zip Codes

Tallahassee real estate has seen steady increases year over year since 2010. Real estate in Tallahassee has increased 9.9% in the past 12 months. The estimated home value is $247K. The biggest increase in the past 36 months can be found in the Tallahassee 32305 zip code. Only one zip code area saw any decrease in sold home values. The 32310 Tallahassee Zip Code Map has one of the lowest median estimated home values and smallest sized homes.


The Tallahassee Board of Realtor’s divides the city into four quadrants – northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest. It does not fall easily along the zip code lines. As you can see from the chart above, most of the homes can be found on the northeast side of Tallahassee. Most of the zip codes are selling at or above the list price and selling after less than six weeks on the market

Data for this report came from CATRS in coordination with the National Association of Realtors Realtor’s Property Resources. The Capital Area Technology & REALTOR® Services (CATRS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Tallahassee Board of REALTORS®.