Tallahassee Zip Code 32303 – What To Know Before Moving


The Tallahassee zip code of 32303 contains one of the younger population segments in our college town. This area is located north of the colleges and does not include the biggest student populations. The area runs up north Monroe to Lake Jackson covering much of the Tallahassee Board of Realtor’s northwest MLS area.

The Commercial Trade Area Report breaks down Tallahassee’s zip code 32303 into socioeconomic and demographic segments. The primary segments, based on Esri Tapestry data, are displayed in numerical order with #1 being the most dominant. The residents’ characteristics and spending habits are explained in detail. Download a free report here: Trade Area Report for Tallahassee FL 32303

It includes charts and statistics about the housing, people, economics, and quality of life of the neighborhood. Download a free report here: Neighborhood Report for Tallahassee FL 32303


Population Statistics – Who Lives in Zip Code 32303

The 2020 population in Tallahassee’s zip code 32303 is estimated at 47,900 (or 1,640 people per square mile). The population is expected to continue grow, adding another 2,000 residents in the next five years.

The median age in zip code 32303 is 31 years old. The median age for Tallahassee is 27, for Leon County it is 31 years old. The median age for Florida is 42, while for the United States the median age is 38 years old.

The median per capita income for the 32303 zip code is $28,530. This is higher than the median income for Tallahassee at $26,787, and lower than the median income for Leon County at $29,754. The median income for Florida is $30,197 and the for the United States is $32,621. The distribution of the incomes shows that there are many households living on less than $25,000 in the 32303 zip code. More than 6% of the households earn more than $150,000 yearly.

About half of the households in the 32303 zip code have children under the age of 18 years old. Most of those children are elementary school age or younger.

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What are the Primary Occupations of Those Who Live In 32303 Zip Code?

Over 40% of the population living in the zip code 32303 has at least a college education. In the 2020 presidential election 61.3% of the population voted for President Biden.

The biggest occupational categories of employment in the 32303 area code are education and public administration. These categories are followed by retail trade, health care and social assistance, and accommodation and food.

More than 80% of the residents of the Tallahassee 32303 zip code drive less than half an hour to work and most of them drive alone. Approximately 3% of the 32303 zip code works from home.

Renters versus Owners in 32303

Considering the proximity to the universities and government offices downtown, and the percentage of residents earning less than $25,000, it makes sense that half of the residents are renters.

School gradess in the 32303 zip code

The charts below do not include every single school zoned for the zip codes, only the most common for space reasons. Check what schools your potential residence is zoned for here: Leon County School Zones

Elementary Schools include Astoria Park, Canopy Oaks, Gilchrist, Riley, Sullivan, Ruediger, Sealey, and Springwood.  Gilchrist is the highest performing school according to the data compiled by Niche incorporated into the chart below.

The middle schools include: Cobb, Fairview, Griffin, Nims, and Raa.

The 32303 zip code area is mainly zoned for Godby, Leon, and Rickards High Schools.


Real Estate Characteristics

Tallahassee real estate has seen steady increases year over year since 2010. The Tallahassee zip code of 32303 had one of the largest increases in the past 36 months.


There are around 700 homes sold in the Tallahassee zip code of 32303 yearly. The median home price is $215,000 in 2021. This is up from a median sold price of $122,500 in 2013. Homes are selling at slightly higher than list price with about 6 weeks on the market.

Approximately 150 townhomes are sold in the 32303 zip code yearly. There are very few mobile homes in the area.

Some neighborhoods have homes that are almost a hundred years old, the average age is almost 38 years. There are new homes being constructed in 32303 yearly. About a third of the homes have a fireplace and less than 10% have a pool. Homes average around 1,600 square feet and the average yard is generous at a third of an acre. Most of the newly constructed homes will have smaller yards.


Biggest Subdivisions / Neighborhoods in 32303

This list is not exhaustive and includes only the most common subdivisions: Betton Hills, Astoria Park, Autumn Woods, Woodbriar, Westover, Town N Country Park, Tippecanoe Hills, Terrance Heights, Summerfield, Summerchase, Settlers Springs, Settlers Creek, Scenic Heights, Savannah Crossing, Plantation Woods, Parkside, Park Hill, Lakewood Estates, Lakewood Village, Lakeside, Edinburgh Estates, Forest Heights, Harbinwood, Hartsfield Woods, Holly Hills, Huntington Estates, Huntington Woods, Sagebrook Mill, Lake Jackson Heights, Russell’s Pond, Runnymede, Rivers Landing, and Los Robles.

AARP Livability Index

The AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that collects and compiles various quality of life indicators. The Livability Index is the result of this data to help people choose how they live as they age. For example, the housing index includes the number of homes that have zero step entrances, that are affordable, and include family living options. Check out more details on their webpage for this zip code here: AARP Livability Index – Location Results

Overview of 32303 real estate sales in 2021