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Living In Tallahassee

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    All Saints Neighborhood in Tallahassee, Florida

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    History of the All Saints Area of Tallahassee

    Map of the All Saints area near FSU and FAMU

    Map of the All Saints area

    This neighborhood is found between the universities in the southwest corner of Tallahassee. The All Saints area started to be developed in the early 2000s and the residential sales in the area are condominiums. There are lots of little shops and a vibrant art scene nearby. The monthly association fee is steep for Tallahassee in the condos though.

    This neighborhood is almost all renters, many of them taking advantage of the GI bill and attending school.  The median age is 23 and the consumer group of the residents falls into the “Scholars and Patriots” segmentation.

    Therefore, if you like statistics, the Commercial Trade Area Report breaks down the socioeconomic and demographic segments of the Adiron Woods area. The primary segments, based on Esri Tapestry data, are displayed in numerical order with #1 being the most dominant. The residents’ characteristics and spending habits are explained in more detail. Download this information for free here:  All Saints Commercial Trade Area Report

    The All Saints neighborhood report includes charts, trends, and statistics about housing, people, economics, and quality of life. This includes information about median incomes, age distributions, education levels, etc. So, if you want more information, you can download the full report here:  All Saints Neighborhood Report

    The real estate market activity report contains details on active and pending listings and recent sales in the All Saints area. These reports will be updated periodically. Contact us for updated information! Download your copy here:  All Saints Market Activity

    All Saints area homeowners’ association websites and other relevant links:

    HOA website:

    Facebook Groups:

    Other pages:

    One of my favorite coffee shops:

    This neighborhood is in the Tallahassee zip code of 32301.

    All Saints area – numbers at a glance…

    Income Per Capita:     $13,550
    Median Household Income:     $11,719 (this doesn’t look right)
    Percentage of owner-occupied homes:       1%
    Number of 2021 sales in MLS:      10
    Range of years homes built (MLS Sold 2021):    2006- 2008
    Average yearly dues:     $3,240
    Size of houses (MLS Sold 2020):    900 sf – 2,250 sf
    Size of yards (MLS Sold 2020):     0.00 acre (condo) – 0.02 acres
    Sold Price Per Square Foot (MLS Sold 2020):     $137.78 – $210.00

    Please remember, if you are considering a move within or to Tallahassee, we want to be your Tallahassee Realtors.

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