Caring Tallahassee Realtors

As Realtors, we live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. We have tormented our families for years with photos of us on the beach for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so much so, that they are now moving here one by one (out of the snow) as they retire. In our big bend area of Florida, we have lots of the benefits of living in Florida and few of the drawbacks. The Tallahassee area does have seasons AND abundant sunshine, and we have times where you need to wear a sweatshirt/jacket outside, but we do not have a huge number of tourists or hurricanes directly targeting us (often). Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are less than an hour away, along with a few dog friendly options too.

We hear some complain that the beach is 35 miles away, and that drive to the beach from Tallahassee is about 45 minutes. We’ve visited the beach in south Florida and while the beaches are physically closer, they are still about 45 minutes away with all that traffic. Just to be clear, we have one of the most gorgeous beaches on the planet an hour and fifteen minutes away from the Florida capital. (Google St. George Island and marvel at the super soft sugar sand.) That’s like the equivalent to a ride to Starbucks down the street in Miami – right? We have great food, locally grown and caught, and LOTS of outdoor activities with nine months of comfortable camping weather. We are a family and dog-friendly town with lots of free places to hang out with all the family members (fur babies included).

As local Realtors, we have created this site to share our beautiful city and the surrounding area. We also want to provide Real Estate information relevant to Tallahassee and north Florida. We trust you find this information useful and when it comes time for you to buy or sell a home in the Tallahassee area, you will contact us. Another reason for our website is because a lot of our local business owners have been devastated by the loss of revenue during the pandemic. We would also like to take this space to promote locally owned businesses and events. If you have a favorite local business, park, festival, or person – let us know! We are always looking for new material!

A Little Bit About Our Background


Abbe Flynn

I have negotiated residential Real Estate in Tallahassee since 2013. Prior to that I worked for the FDLE, Department of Corrections and then Department of Management Services negotiating contracts on Florida’s behalf – including complicated multimillion – dollar prisons. (Just for the record, I think there are some things we should not profit off as a society and inmates would be on my list. However, it was a fascinating job that taught me a ton!) I grew up the youngest of five on a farm in Ohio and negotiating was a survival skill I learned early. Really, if I had not learned about leverage at a young age, my hands might have shriveled up permanently from the number of dishes we had to wash as a family…LOL.

My undergraduate degrees are from Kent State University in Ohio. After college, I came to the south for graduate school to study and teach Criminology at FSU. I got on a plane in Cleveland on a wintery February day and when I got off the plane in Tallahassee it was 73 degrees with blue skies. I worked on my Ph.D. and love (and miss) the research and teaching aspects of university life.

After graduate school, I worked for the Department of Corrections in their statistics office, grant writing office, and re-entry office. From there I went to the Department of Management Services where I worked both in the Private Prison Bureau and in State Purchasing as a public buyer.

In 2013, I finally took the leap my husband kept encouraging me to take and got my Real Estate license. As such an introvert, I could not imagine a life in sales. Like most things, I read everything I could about sales while diving in headfirst. I am glad I did. Owning my own business and working for myself has been life changing and the most rewarding career I could have imagined. I seriously have the best job ever.


Dan Flynn

I grew up in that same small town in Ohio as did my wife. After high school I joined the Army and after basic training I went to Ranger school. Shortly after, during a practice parachute jump, my parachute ripped and failed. Even though I eventually completely healed, I was medically discharged from the Army and ended up attending Kent State University.

After school, I started working in the building trades. First with boilers at NorthEast Ohio University College of Medicine (NEOUCOM), then heating and air conditioning systems for the union. I was part of Local 33 out of Canton, Ohio until I opened my own HVAC business. I ran that business successfully for about ten years until I closed it to join Abbe in  Florida.

I have used my knowledge of the trades to build and maintain a large student housing complex near Florida State University. During that time, I also invested in my Real Estate license and worked with a few buyers as time allowed. When the pandemic hit, my company offered me a medical furlough and I decided to join my wife in the Real Estate business full-time. This is the best career choice ever and I wish I had not waited so long to do it.

Having bright red hair most of my life has taught me incredible patience. That combined with my knowledge of how homes are built makes me a great asset to any Real Estate transaction.

Abbe and I have grown children who live out of our area and a small hobby farm in Monticello (with two giant Mastiff mixes and too many cats!). We spend a lot of time outside – gardening, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, and often working on our farm. We appreciate this opportunity to share Tallahassee with you and trust you will let us know if you have any suggestions! Check out our YouTube page for hikes we recommend and the best places to put in a kayak in Leon County.