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We love our careers in Real Estate, being Realtors and living in Tallahassee, FL! Welcome to our website where we (Abbe & Dan Flynn) will share our knowledge and offer our services to you! We are Tallahassee Real Estate agents (Realtors), with Ketcham Realty Group, who love the Tallahassee area and all its hidden charm! Whether you are a native, a transplant, or a newcomer thinking about moving to Tallahassee, we trust you will find this website useful. The views and opinions expressed on these pages, are solely our own and do not necessarily express the views or opinions of Clay or Patti Ketcham, the owners and broker of record for Ketcham Realty Group.

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How Can We Help?


If your landlords are increasing your rent or not responding to your requests, we can help you find a new place to call your own.

Problem Property

If you have a maintenance or repair question for your property, then we can help you find the experts you need to solve the issue.

First Time Home Owners

If you have not owned a property before and meet income qualifications, you may qualify for free down payment assistance programs.

Thinking about relocating?

If you are considering living in Tallahassee FL, check out our free relocation guides for a hassle-free process.

Divorce or Separation

We have the experience to help you handle your property-related questions and sales so you can move on.

Credit Challenges

If you have questions about qualifying for a home and need a plan to own a home, we can help.

Ill Health

If you want to downsize for transfer property due to age or ill health, we can help you make those changes with as little stress as possible for you.

Inherited Property

If you have an inherited property that need to manage or sell, we can help you with that.

Why Work With Living In Tallahassee FL Realtors


Experience matters - We've sold 100s of homes and know how you can get the best from your home sale.


Communication - You never have to wonder what is going on. We keep you updated on options every step of the process!


Negotiations - We help you choose sale terms that work for you and your family.


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